Mobile phone solar (prototype)

2006-12-25 0 comments
Japanese giant, the company NTT DoCoMo, has developed a prototype of a mobile phone that runs on solar. In that regard, he is in the form of boxes, the truth more than we are accustomed to see. Inside it looks like a normal phone, but from the outside instead of the external display, you can see the solar panels. So far, more about that deweise not. And all, of course, the phone could become a universal solution for those who often forgets to charge your phone :)

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Unusual conceptual phones from the French design studio

2006-12-21 0 comments
French designers of ModeLabs argue that they have created prototypes three of the most safe for the environment and consuming less energy phones. In accordance with zadumka designers, the three conceptual phone will use natural rights movement to generate energy in a way they can be used much smaller batteries, or is not to see them. The most advanced of the three models, the so-called Yo-Yo phone (pictured), designed to wear around the neck. It will produce energy and recharge from the movements of man.

Another phone-style. This model capable of charging from the opening and closing of your own. And the third phone, Runaway, is for athletes to wear hand; He would have charged at the time of intensive training. Photo past two phones look on.



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Nokia 8800 Sirocco Diamond Edition - elite gold phone

2006-12-18 0 comments
If you have extra money and you want to spend it on a new phone luxury, the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Diamond Edition - just one of the candidates. This is the next instalment of limited elite phones, which will be issued only 1,000 copies. His body will be made of stainless steel and gold, in addition, it will have 2-megapikselna Chamber 100 MB internal memory Tft-display at 256K colors; will be present as Mr3-pleer, Bluetooth, Java, as well as support for EDGE and GPRS. .Nokia 8800 Sirocco Diamond will weigh 139 grams and scaled to 107 x 45 x 16.5 mm

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New LG player in the style of chocolate »series phones

2006-12-15 0 comments
LG presented its latest Mr3-pleer apparently something resembling their phone Chocolate. UP3Flat is brilliant mirror corpus and sensory transmission. These players have capacity to 512 MB, 1 and 2 GB, the integrated voice and vtagivatisa Usb-connector, and the battery should last for 10 hours listening. More about it is no information on price as well.

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BlueQ - mediaplayer with Bluetooth

If you are a fan of wireless Bluetooth-nauschnikov and looking at the player them, the BlueQ - is a worthy alternative. This 1/2/4 GB mediapleer supporting formats MP3 and WMA, MPEG4 and Flash video, as well as images in JPEG. The present Fm-tuner built, and, of course, support for Bluetooth. BlueQ has 1,8-duimovy 260K TFT display, and the charge ion batteries last 33 hours. This 1GB player would cost 194 cu 2GB version at 237 cu

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Black Box is another concept phone from BenQ-Siemens

2006-12-14 0 comments
Unlike the previous protitipa phone from BenQ-Siemens, white and rounded, the regular black and is codenamed Black Box, speaks for itself. They do not have a keyboard or a button instead of the touch screen display, which appears on the photo in the front panel. The interface seems to be mostly from the different icons than from the text, which makes it virtually universal for the holders of any language.
See whether the phone ever light is not known, a very can be that there is, but you can dream :)

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Concept Nokia Aeon

The official site of Nokia, in the section entitled "Research and Development" a conceptual image phone - Nokia Aeon. As with the prototype BenQ-Siemens Black box, the most recent of the phone there is no traditional keyboard, and the whole area is made up of the touch-screen. Of course, to date, the company is not yet ready to implement the imagination of developers, but maybe one day :)

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Music bed-feel music entire body!

If you have problems with sleeping, or you simply like to keep music is it bed dreams! It has columns on the perimeter and putting in a, you dive into the world of music and sounds. If the frequency and intensity of sound will be different everywhere, so you not only will see and hear music, You will physically feel the entire body! Must be very pleasant and unusual feeling. The truth is that it was more of a design than real bed, which can be bought.

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Phone dual LCD-only prototype

2006-12-12 0 comments
Phones with two head-long not uncommon, but we are accustomed to, that one of them usually small and the boxes from the outside, the other is internal, with Bolshim resolution. But phones with the two brick Lcd displeami that may become one is something stuff. A prototype of such a phone was presented at the International Inventions Fair 2006 in Seoul. Two display it requires to the greatest ease of the Internet and other multimedia content. The inventor of the telephone, to obtain a patent for his invention, and if so certainly happen, it is possible to take your multimedia new generation.

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The crazy concept megatelephone - Nokia 6639

2006-12-10 0 comments
And another devais concept, which leaves no one indifferent. .It is not a telephone, although this is one of its many functions.This is a fak and nothing of the sort you and close you find on the official website Nokia but if theoretically imagine that something like this is ever will be, it will just bomb) : Nokia 6639 is a phone with a TFT display (1024 X 768) for the 16 million colors and the support of WiFi, a digital SLR camera with a lot of additional features, including work Photoshop'е, Swiss army knife, Zippo lighter, Ledfonarik, thermometer, otkravacka beer and champagne and much, much else ... Yeah right! At the same time, the animals will be available in the Pentium Mdothan 2.0 GHMz and operazionke Symbian, have Dual Channel 512MB DDR2, with the possibility of increasing it. Nokia 6639 will support all formats, as well as WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, RAW, VOX, CCIUT Ullaw, PCM, MPC (MPEG) MP2 (MPEG 1 Layer 2), ADPCM, CCUIT ALAW, AIFC, DSP, GSM, CCUIT G721, CCUIT G723, G726 CCUIT. In a word, there is a very rich imagination :)

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"Double" Lcdmonitor additional small screen

2006-12-09 0 comments
This Lcd monitor Korean production company Woojin unique in that the top is another small monitor. Quite unusual decision to comply.The display is 19 diagonal inches, resolution 1280 x 1024, contrast ratio, brightness of 300cd/m2 and response time 8ms. Additional 8,4-дюймовый same display with a resolution of 800 x 600, 350:1 contrast and brightness of 200cd/m2. Mystery remains only what it (additional display) purpose? There are ideas?

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Fiat will produce mobile phones?

Fiat company known mainly production cars, but produced, in recent years, also exclusive clothing, footwear and clothing near decided to grab a further piece of the market of mobile phones. .And in the near future the company plans to release phones with its own brand name and the common name for the blue silvery colours. .Phones of Fiat will meet all the modern requirements of the mobile world, and thus play MP3, have a digital camera with video imagery, maintain e-mail clients, Internet and have Bluetooth. The news is not yet known, but we already know that they have sold already this summer, with the first only in some of the specialized design shops Italy, and a little later fall already in the shops of Europe.

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Samsung SGH-F500

At the ITU Telecom 2006 show in Hong Kong Samsung showed off the SGH-F500, or Ultra Video, as the first handset to have native support for DivX. Yep, it’s a freakin’ phone. Pretty unlikely it’ll show up in the states anytime soon or ever, and we don’t usually report on such things, but it’s such a crazy design I wanted to make sure you all got a good look at it. The South Koreans are so far ahead of the US in gadgetry it makes me more than a little envious.

The phone actually has two faces: phone on one side with keypad and smaller screen, large screen and multimedia keys on the other. It has UMTS support on the 2,100MHz band and GSM/EDGE support on 900, 1,800, and 1,900MHz bands, and supports a ton of audio and video file types, including the previously mentioned DivX.

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iPhone Rumor

Jesse Tortora strikes again. Yes the same Prudential analyst that we cited in our Apple gaming rumor yesterday, has today spewed his credential all over Apple’s “iPhone.”

According to Tortora, two iPhones are in the works. The first of which he claims has a top priority of playing music, essentially making it a music player first and a phone second. He says it will look similar to an iPod wit a smaller screen and it’ll pack a camera and GSM/GPRS capabilities.

Tortora believes Apple is also working on a smart iPhone, a SmartiPhone™ if you will, that will have a larger OLED display, sliding keyboard and WCDMA compliance. Hrmmmm wireless broadband on the SmartiPhone. So here’s another rumor from a creditable source (me): the SmartiPhone has wireless broadband so that users can download music quickly from iTunes wherever they may roam. Yes that’s right, WHEREVER. You heard it here first.

So for all we know Mr. Tortora is spot-on. But then again it could just be the ramblings of some guy. Whatever the case, what we do know is that Apple is indeed working on an iPhone and that it’ll probably be announced at Macworld in January. We’ll have our one armed gimp (Vince) and our retarded manservant (Raj) on the floor so you can expect a full report as soon as Jobs makes the announcement, or at least as soon as Vince and Raj sober up enough from their night of awkwardness to report on it.

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