HTC Touch Pro 2 launching on June 12

2009-05-22 0 comments
HTC's newest handset to hit the market, the Touch Pro 2, will be available to buy from 12 June, according to online retailer Expansys.
HTC Touch Pro2 - Hands-On @ MWC 2009 Video

Featuring a full QWERTY keyboard and the popular TouchFLO user interface (popular mostly because it does such a stellar job of masking Windows Mobile 6.1) those that are craving the latest sequel can pick it up for £519.99.

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Japanese marriage bra

2009-05-14 0 comments
Triumph International, maker of the solar, postal and chopstick bras, is offering a new kind of support for Japanese women on the prowl for a husband.

Japan's marriage rate is falling and the average age at which women get married is over 28 years, relatively late for a country in which single females were once considered over the hill at 25.

Triumph's latest novelty bra features an electronic nuptial timepiece, putting women seeking spouses literally on the clock.

If an engagement ring is inserted into the mechanism, the countdown stops and the bra plays Felix Mendelssohn's "The Wedding March."

The bra also includes holders for the traditional seal some people use to sign off contracts and a pen for any possible nuptial agreement.

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Triumph spokeswoman Keiko Masuda said the product, which is not for sale, would suit modern Japanese women who are no longer content to sit and wait for a potential husband to approach them.

"Japanese women are becoming more aggressive than men, working actively to make marriage happen, whereas in the past it was men who led women toward marriage," she said.

"The roles have switched completely."

Government statistics show nearly 57 percent of women under the age of 34 are unmarried, while some 3,800 firms in Japan offer match-making services.

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yokohama battery switch

Better Place unveils its first automated electric vehicle battery switch station in Yokohama, Japan. Video copyright Better Place. Used with persmission.

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Martin Jetpack flight demonstration April 2009

2009-05-12 0 comments
Ray - Chief Design Engineer - demonstrates a simple flight sequence. Just a day in the life of an engineer working on the Martin Jetpack -

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Wiping cleaner "Fukitorimushi"


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Samsung Reveals First Google Android Phone

2009-05-07 0 comments
Samsung has now officially announced the i7500.

The phone all has support for most of the network bands out there. There is quad-band EDGE and dual-band HSDPA. On the memory front, we have an adequate (not colossal!) 8GB of capacity. The display is a largish 3.2-inch capacitive OLED one. On the imaging front, we have a well-equipped 5-megapixel camera. Apart from these, there are the usual stuff that includes WiFi, Bluetooth
and GPS.

As for the OS, it will feature the latest version of Android (cupcake!). A 528Mhz Qualcomm CPU does the number crunching inside. At 11.9 mm thi(in)ck, the phone is compact and is lightweight. And yes, it is coming this June!

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The Pomegranate Phone. The Best Phone Youve Never Heard Of

2009-05-04 0 comments
The Pomegranate is a phone which can make all the smart phones including the iPhone run for life!!! People boasting of Blackberry, Or Nokia Vertu will never touch their phones again!! The Pomegranate NS08 Phone, shaped like a a water droplet carries features and design we can only smile about

Its the ultimate Smart phone (actually Phone is not the word for it!!) with features like, email, web browser, photo/video camera, media player, navigation device, PowerPoint projector and - hold your breath- it can even brew cofee for you!!!

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