An illuminated fur clothing for recreation (+ video)

2007-05-27 0 comments
If you love to be in the center of attention in any party, then in this estimation surrounding it will not very difficultly you note:) This luminous fur clothing is the part "GloFur" of the collection of designer David li. LED skirt, tops, bikini, shawl, shawls, coats, hats and accessories- all this has built-in LED- illumination and of the charge of battery it will be last approximately to 10 it is hour.

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Branded music phone Sony Ericsson W52S

2007-05-23 0 comments
This new Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson, W52S Walkman, is quite unusual design, which at first sight is hardly beautiful. The reason for this is probably the fact that the slider is another fruit of cooperation between manufacturers and designers of mobile phones. However, in the open position of the slider is much better. W52S presented in three bright colors Corps (pink, blue, silver) and had a rather standard set of features, such as 2,1-megapixel camera, 2 GB of internal memory, MicroSD slot for M2 memory stick cards 2,7-dyuymovy LCD-displey, radio, feature improved sound DBEX. The cost, as well as how soon the telephone might go beyond the Japanese, is not yet known.

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New Smartphone concept of class "luxury" (+ video)

2007-05-22 0 comments
Renowned Hungarian designer Bogar Bense, famous for the original concepts such as Asus Aura and BYB Credo, introduced its new development - Symbian class "luxury". The model is called the BYB Balance. In working machine can serve as a desk for hours or a digital photo-top of the slider may deviate from the angle to the surface. The touch screen display is a phone 400h240 points, and can display more than 262 thousand colors.

As we reflect on the technical side of the question, it was unclear what the operating system will be installed at the Port-it must support innovative display resolution. Users can manage the system and even typing fingers, you will be well recognised. On the back office is located pyatimegapikselnaya chamber with double optical zoom and a powerful eruption. BYB Balance is a work in the GSM network to support HSDPA 3G standard, has built-ins Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and, of course, the GPS receiver.

Set outside, now wired interfaces, complementing the standard 3.5 mm headphone connector and miniUSB port to connect to the PC. Data can be stored on the 512 MB internal memory or on a microSD card format. Other images and short video to demonstrate this concept devays, can be seen below.

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The Tonkputer

2007-04-18 0 comments

Meet The Modder

Name: Lassi Niemistö
Nickname: Nev@Lehmä
Country: Finland
Age: 17
Occupation: Upper secondary student, works as webdesigner

Project Name: The Tonkputer
Build time: approx 150 hours over 7 months
Materials used: aluminium milk churn, aluminium plates, perspex, cow-like cloth

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