Folding bicycle concept

2007-03-08 0 comments
One good prototype folding bicycle, a little controversy in appearance, but very practical in use. It not only will you convenient, rapid and healthy means of transportation, but also, if necessary, be turned into something small lightweight, compact and easily verifiable transportation or storage. This makes it almost universal, and it is the way and the bike 21st century. The NDI would like to see embodied in reality.

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Elektrocar Eliica vs. Porsche 911 TurboPorsche 911 Turbo (+ video)

2007-03-01 0 comments
This vosmikolesny beast-not much more than a regular elektrocar-in running on liti-ionovykh batteries.Eliica (abbreviated from Lithium-Ion Electric Car battery) has been established for some time at Keio University (Japan), a group of four students, led by Engineering Professor Hiroshi Shimizu.The 6-capable vehicle accelerated from zero to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds and achieves a maximum speed of 380 km / h!

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