Sagem Porsche Design P'9522

2008-09-30 0 comments
Sagem valiantly returns with Porsche Design P'9522

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EPOS-lite makes a restaurant digital

2008-09-29 0 comments
It's about time the whole restaurant menu/payment ritual was streamlined. To the rescue comes EPOS-lite, a design concept for a tablet that serves as both a menu and wireless payment device. It even wirelessly recharges itself as you place it on the tabletop.

While it's not clear exactly how this works, the best scenario would be to give each diner an EPOS-lite, they select their meals from the menu, and then their choices are displayed on a screen in front of the chef. When dinner's done, each person can enter payment info, just like buying something online. No more strangers carrying your credit card back and forth in that goofy payment ritual that takes your credit card out of your sight with its number ending up who-knows-where.

A touchscreen might get a bit smudged at a rib restaurant, but that could be worked out with voice recognition. Imagine bypassing wait staff altogether, being served by robots (or a gravity-powered rail system), and then paying online. It would be downright revolutionary.


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Falcon 1 - Flight 4 - September 28, 2008

This is the 4th flight of Space Exploration Technologies Falcon 1.

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Samsung Pixon M8800 - 8 MP touchscreen

2008-09-28 0 comments
Samsung M8800 movie Demo tour 8 m.p. Unboxing m . p . video 8 megapixel camera
Samsung PIXON M8800 by svartling.

Full specifications:

Quad-band GSM, tri-band HSDPA
107.9×54.6×14.9mm, 110 g
3.2-inch touch screen display (240 x 400 pixels)
8 megapixel camera, auto focus, face recognition with smile detection and blink detection, WDR (wide dynamic range), ASR (advanced shake reduction), GPS geotagging, ISO 1600, WVGA (720×480 pixels) and VGA (640 x 480 pixels) @30fps video recording
Built-in GPS receiver
DivX playback
FM radio with RDS
microSD card slot
Landscape virtual QWERTY keyboard
Handwriting recognition
ShoZu integration - direct image and video upload
Office document viewer

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Lego Bricked Mac +Video

2008-09-25 0 comments

2,558-piece Lego Mac Pro

The box took 14 hours to build. It includes a Mac Mini with a 250GB hard drive hack, with the system drive being an ESATA drive. The Hackintosh running Mac OS X, the second computer inside the box, uses:

  • 2.4GHz Intel Q6600 Quad Core
  • Gigabyte ep35-ds3l motherboard
  • BFG NVIDIA 8800gt with 512 M bytes
  • 2GB of 800MHz RAM
  • 750 and 400GB hard drives

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Samsonite OBAG - a rolling concept suitcase

2008-09-24 0 comments
The Samsonite OBAG is a roll-on bag that literally rolls on. Its rugged exterior makes it ideal for snow or any nasty weather conditions for that matter. By augmenting the design into a giant wheel, less energy is required on your part to maneuver it. It’s even easier to drag up and down stairways in this configuration. The 2 storage compartments are on the sides and the handle collapses to slide OBAG under your bed.


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HTC T-Mobile Google Android - Video

2008-09-23 0 comments
The T-Mobile G1 powered by Google Android boasts cut and paste functionality, but will it be the next phone that everyone's talking about?

At a press event in New York City today, T-Mobile, Google and HTC got together to launch the T-Mobile G1, the first phone to run Google's Android OS. We were at the event and had plenty of time to gather hands on impressions of the phone. Overall we were very impressed. It wasn't a perfect device by any means, there is still obvious room for improvement, both in the hardware and the software. But we were taken in by the phone's deep polish and attention to detail, and the all-important responsiveness of the hardware

Price and availability

The T-Mobile G1 will be released on T-Mobile's U.S. network on October 22 for $180 with a two-year contract. It'll be available in all T-Mobile markets nationwide. An unlimited data plan will cost $25 per month, while unlimited data and messaging will cost $35 per month. A voice plan is required for all configurations. The T-Mobile G1 will also be released in the UK sometime in November 2008, while the other T-Mobile markets in Europe will get it in Q1 2009. Countries include Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

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Bath Safeguard - a beautiful concept for the bath

2008-09-22 0 comments
The Bath Safeguard product designed by Taiwan based Kai Yi Chen is surely an interesting concept. This product measures the bath water temperature through smart color coding thus negating the need of use of hand. While a blue color signifies cold water, the green says its lukewarm while red indicates a hot water.

So, isn’t that smart? With the product recognizing a temperature range of 81 to 113 degree Fahrenheit and an option of temperature display in both Fahrenheit and Degree Celsius, it is a smart device that can be used for daily usage. You don’t need to use your hand, just watch the light of the bath safeguard.

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Nokia New E-series E72 and E75

2008-09-21 0 comments

Nokia E75 and E72. The E72 has a silde-out QWERTY keypad while maintaining some semblance to the already available E71 and the E75 has a QWERTY keypad below the display. Everything about the video looks real as far as we can say and both the E75 and E72 seem like great devices. From the video, we could say that apart from the QWERTY keypad, both the cell phones have WiFi, GPS, an accelerometer, and may be even HSDPA support, running as usual on Symbian OS.

See Video

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The HTC Touch HD in a podcast !

2008-09-18 0 comments
The HTC Touch HD in a podcast ! The podcast might not be very structured , but we are very excited by the new HTC. The Touch HD is impressive, its screen quality is amazing. Enough word, enjoy the 11 minutes of video. One last precision, the soft on the product is not finished yet, but is already working fine

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LG KC910 Renoir

LG KC910 - the first live photos and video
the LG KC910. Coming as a successor of the widely popular LG KU990 Viewty, the KC910 is a real multimedia powerhouse, packing a whole load of extras.

Equipped with an 8 megapixel auto focus camera the LG KC910 is the first feature phone of the company to sport Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition it extends the functionality of the Viewty with GPS, which allows geo-tagging of the photos.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Beta 3 Software Hands On Video

Following Sony Ericsson's announcement from last week to finally launch the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 later this month, thanks to O2 Germany - which confirmed the upcoming launch as well - last weekend I got my hands on an Xperia X1 as well. And while the device was still based on the pre-production hardware, the Windows Mobile ROM built was way newer, actually it was from early September and I was told that, even if not the release candidate, this Beta comes pretty close to what the final software should look. First of all, the ROM is way faster than everything I've seen on an X1 before. Switching between portrait and landscape mode just seems to take milliseconds only and also the panels start much faster than before.


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Another Multi touch interface


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The T3’s 01 Concept Phone

2008-09-17 0 comments
T3 published the 01 Phone spec list on their website and so we had the chance to read and provide them to you too.
First let me add that this concept phone is made using graphic applications, it doesn’t exist as prototype, and features the following:

-32GB storage capacity;
-dual built-in 5MP camera, one for video calls and one for shooting;
-3G high-speed connectivity;
-laser keyboard that projects on a desk and senses your typing;
-multimedia player for music and videos;
-cool 3D games;

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HP Touchsmart IQ800 series

2008-09-16 0 comments
HP certainly isn’t resting on its all–in–one touchscreen PC laurels. No sooner had we packaged up our IQ 500 and handed it over to the men in suits, than HP was dishing the dirt on their next Touchsmart, the IQ 800 series.
10 Images

Coming in two flavours, the IQ804 and IQ216, the new series pack a massive 25in screen, with 1900x1200 resolution, Bluetooth, HP Pocket Media and Intel Core Duo to boot. The 804 is being billed as the specced up machine, with a slightly tweaked processor.

Don’t let that put you off the 816 though. That bad boy comes with a Blu–Ray drive, so you can work your way through some full HD action without having to fire up your telly. Via

HP Touchsmart IQ800 video

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HP launches HDX X16 and HDX X18 notebooks

The biggest draw for both the HDX 16 and HDX18 are their 16:9 HD displays, sort of. The HDX18 boasts a full 1080p display while the HDX16 cranks out 720p. Full specs and details are below.

The HDX16, if you haven’t already guessed it, has a 16-inch diagonal screen and features an Intel Centrino 2 proc, Windows Vista, an Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT graphics card, up to 4GB of RAM, 320GB HDD (5400RPM), and a LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW drive. It’ll run you $1300.

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A distinctive 3fold reception table

2008-09-15 0 comments
8 Photos more

Width: 1150mm
Height: 715-725mm
Length: 1800mm

Product web

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Kitchen on Wheels

2008-09-14 0 comments

11 photos

One of the top entrants in this year’s Electrolux design contest is the Kitchen Drawer. Designed for the internet generation - you know the type, always connected, always mobile, and most likely living in urban areas where space is a commodity.

There are four main parts to this product; a stainless plate for meal prep and warming, an electric stove for cooking, a dish drawer for storage, and a mini-fridge. If it looks like a filing cabinet, don’t hate - it’s supposed to slip under your desk. This is perfect for someone who eats at the desk


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