USB Aroma Radio, LED lamp, Speaker -All in one

2008-01-31 0 comments
Soft light, Music and Scent are excellent for soothing your mood. USB Aroma Radio + Speaker is a multi-function USB gadget. It functions as an Aroma oil burner as well as a bedside light circulating seven different soft colors. You can also plug your iPod, MP3 player or PC to listen to music. Ideals for bedtime - when you need a peaceful and a relax environment.

  • Built-in speaker (line to MP3, i-Pod )
  • AM/FM tuning radio
  • 7 color changing LED light
  • Powered by USB port or Batteries (3 pcs - AAA)
  • USB cord/Batteries supply power for all functions (aroma heater / light / speaker or radio)
  • Dimension: 88 x 88 x 116mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 124g

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    Hitachi W61H - phone with display of electronic paper (E-Ink)

    2008-01-30 0 comments
    Hitachi W61H flip phone has a black and white 2.7″ e-ink display called “Silhouette screen” on the front cover. It comes with a number (actually 95 of them) of pre-installed graphic patterns, that user can select to make the phone look different.

    For now, this e-ink display on the mobile phone is pretty basic, limited and available only in Japan. But give it a few years for improvements in e-ink/e-paper technologies, and we can expect another new market for mobile phone downloads to develop.

    But this time, instead of ringtones and screensavers, we will be downloading the patterns and pictures for our phone covers.

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    Interesting music system Bamboo concept

    2008-01-29 0 comments
    This conceptual stereo music called Bamboo is a very compact music system. The system consists of three parts - the left and right speakers, a subwoofer built into the base station and a control ring. Now you could attach everything and use it as a standalone stereo or connect the speakers together with the control ring. A single charge should give you 12 hours. The control ring between them contains the basic music controls. The base station can also wirelessly sync music with your computer, should you be the anti-cd type.

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    The Tweel - radical new wheel technology

    No more air valves,No more air compressors at Petrol Pumps,No more flat tires in the middle of long drives
    Michelin has showcased a potentially disruptive technology with significant ramifications for the future for mobility: an airless, integrated tyre and wheel combination dubbed the TWEEL (i.e. Tyre/WhEEL) . The Tweel promises performance levels beyond those possible with conventional pneumatic technology. The first commercial applications of the Tweel will be in lower-speed, lower-weight vehicles such as the iBOT mobility device and Segway's Concept Centaur. Designed by Segway-inventor Dean Kamen, the iBOT mobility device has the ability to climb stairs and navigate uneven terrain, offering mobility freedom impossible with traditional wheelchairs. Additionally, Segway's Concept Centaur, a prototype that applies self-balancing technology to a four-wheel device, has also been equipped with Tweel to increase its performance potential.

    Beyond these first real-world applications, Michelin has additional projects for Tweel on construction skidsteers and a variety of military vehicles.

    Historically Significant

    "Major revolutions in mobility may come along only once in a hundred years," said Terry Gettys, president of Michelin Americas Research and Development Center in Greenville, S.C. "But a new century has dawned and Tweel has proven its potential to transform mobility. Tweel enables us to reach levels of performance that quite simply aren't possible with today's conventional pneumatic technology."

    The most intriguing application may be Michelin's early prototype Tweel fitment for passenger cars. The mobility company released video of promising Tweel performance on an Audi A4.

    "The Tweel automotive application, as demonstrated on the Audi, is definitely a concept, a stretch application with strong future potential," said Gettys.


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    Most Expensive MP3 Player in the World

    2008-01-28 0 comments

    Gresso Symphonia MP3 Player

    The Russian manufacturer Gresso goes on with luxury digital devices.

    After its mobile phone, Gresso launches a tiny MP3 player 39x39x10.5mm, either African Blackwood and white or pink gold, or all 18K white or pink gold.

    It has 1GB storage, equalizer, FM radio and all usual functions encountered at any MP3 player on the market including support for WMA, ASF and OGG, so if you like to collect cool and rare gadgets you are probably attracted by this unique piece.Worth no less than $6,000.

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    CulArt Retro Styled Cell Phone With Wood Panelling


    CulArt Retro Styled Cell Phone

    Looking for a cell phone that compliments a retro inspired look – this CulArt Cell Phone designed by Seungchan Lee, in coming complete with wood panelling, would no doubt fit the bill rather nicely, though at the time of writing its presently only a concept.

    Boasting a decidedly 80’s feel, the CulArt may look like a gadget from yesteryear but, under that retro exterior the CulArt is positively (almost) brimming with technology, with known features consisting of a touchscreen, an integral camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

    The equivalent of putting the engine of a souped up Renault Clio in the body of a Morris Minor, its not known whether Seungchan Lee’s CulArt cell phone comes with digital media capabilities or whether it’ll ever make it into production but, as far as retro themed cell phones go, it’s a beauty.


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    Incandescent bicycle Puma Glow Rider


    This Spring PUMA® introduces the PUMA GLOW RIDER, the third edition of the PUMA bike. Possessing the quintessential PUMA characteristics of fun and functionality, the new model distinguishes itself through the unique glow in the dark frame. The bike is part of PUMA Urban Mobility, a collection created with the needs of a city dweller in mind, comprising apparel, accessories and footwear.

    The night glow effect paint used on the steel frame of the bike collects the sunrays during the day, and gives this light off when darkness has fallen, in the form of a beautiful glow, lasting for several hours. Remember those night glow stars on your bedroom ceiling when you were small?

    With this quirky glowing frame, which asserts higher visibility by night and a unique outer appearance, urban commuters can express their personal style and feel safe at the same time.

    This PUMA Bike is a single gear bike, ideal for city riding. The head and backlights, which come as standard on this edition, help shed additional light in the darkness of the city.


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    P-Per mobile concept phone

    2008-01-27 0 comments
    If your job was to sit a dream of better things with today’s products, could you come up with a cooler phone than the P-per? The Chocolate Agency released a concept for a mobile phone that is composed of four thin layers, a circuit board, polycarbonate, titanium, and one that is a wrap-around LED touch screen.

    It’s the wrap-around screen that gives the manufacturer endless options for user choices.


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    Computer desks V1 - modern, comfortable, expensive

    If you spend a lot of time with your computer, your job should be as comfortable and ergonomically designed, suitable both for work and for play. Computer desks V1 developed several years now, as the producer, V1 is the most convenient, high-quality and relevant decision time for work or play. Outwardly these tables is not so very different from conventional computer tables, but the system includes a table with a lot of additional surfaces, automotive seat of Porsche (which is not only convenient and of itself, but also make different car simulators more realistic), a monitor (or multiple), the height of which can be controlled and managed in the same manner column. Tables V1 offered in different configurations, different color of the shell and is geared to different purses . The price starts from USD1700 (for standard), but all kinds of upgrades can increase it even for a couple of thousand.

    The V1's design and features are decades ahead of its time. The V1 offers ergonomic comfort, artful design and many outstanding features. When compared to the conventional computer desk, the V1 stands elite. The V1 is handmade in the USA and is built to last. The V1 is an investment in quality and comfort. We custom make your V1 to fit your body and your specific system requirements. In a word, the V1 is truly "revolutionary".


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