Interactive Scape - another interactive touch table


The interactive table race is on, and here comes Interactive Scape, a 58-inch touch surface that’s a whole lot like the Microsoft Surface table that’s being shown all over the world but sold nowhere. Yet. Well, there is the highly effective $100,000 Microsoft TouchWall that’s only seen on TV news shows and sold at Neimann Marcus, but that shows what's happening here: These things are dang expensive and still pretty much out of reach.

Interactive Scape does basically the same thing as the Microsoft products, letting you compute touchscreen-style by moving things around its 1080p touchscreen with your hands, and it can also transfer data to and from cell phones and such via Bluetooth. But look at this gorgeous table, with its Corian surface decked out in your choice of colors. Its German makers are coy about pricing, but it’s so expensive it’ll probably show up first in retail point-of-sale applications.

Even though these tables and walls are more prototypical than real products thus far, they give us a peek into a future where such Minority Report-style touchy-feely tech is commonplace. Hit Continue below to see a video of this chic table in action. info via

CeBIT 2008: Interactive Scape


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