MirrorPilot - Rear View Mirror with integrated GPS Navigator

The MirrorPilot is a GPS navigator integrated in a rear view mirror. The MirrorPilot gets rid of the nasty cables and the suction cup holder you have to endure with the common GPS devices.

If you buy a new car you pay through your nose to have an integrated GPS navigator. The innovative MirrorPilot gets you an integrated GPS solution for 700 Euro (~$1,000).

The MirrorPilot has state-of-the-art navigator features including ANTARIS 4 Chipset with SuperSense, 2D and 3D maps, voice, and TMC. The display inside the mirror has a size of 2.2 inch and QVGA resolution.
Currently the MirrorPilot is available only in Europe with pre-loaded maps of European countries.

The MirrorPilot should be installed by a car shop.
More details on the MirrorPilot Site (German). The MirrorPilot will be exhibited at the CeBit 2008.



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