Suvil's I-T Click Click mouse - very strange computer mouse

Suvil's I-T Click Click mouse will certainly not become the best thing since sliced bread. It's simply too small.
The left click is a fingernail button and the "normal" button is actually the right click. Though, you get used to it after a while, left-handed users will have a hard time to get to that point.
€12 is the price for this little devil. Currently it is only available in Germany and Spain and should be available worldwide soon, but I highly doubt it will be successful.

At first glance, this I-T Click Click mini-mouse from Suvil looked to be the solution to all the world's ills. Not so much. In fact, this thing is awkward enough to hold and cheaply enough built that it'd probably be hard pressed to solve world hunger. The premise is simple enough: you rotate the mouse slightly for ergonomics, left click with the "fingernail" button and use the button at your thumb for right click. It all falls apart with use, however, with the scroll wheel gumming things up, and the fact that the "right click" is in use by your leftmost digit not helping anything. Left-handed users don't stand a chance.


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