Nokia future mobile phones - Nokia concepts from Provoke

Those lovable Finns at Nokia really want you to get in touch with our emotions and believe that your mobile phone is a great start to get you there. They are introducing a design exhibit showcasing the future of mobile phones at this year’s New York Design Week. Design firm Provoke worked with Nokia to make a conceptual study showing where mobile phone trends are heading in 4 years. The most notable three concepts are being called “Express”, “Feel” and “Share”.

The “Express” basically allows you to customize the user interface…been there, done that. The “Feel” is said to allow users to literally send tactile simulated touch messages. Uh, and if it’s an unwanted caller, is that sexual harassment? And lastly, the “Share” concept is just a combination Twitter and Myspace integration for “like minded” individuals. All in all, these concepts are lovely to look at, but as for their purpose and functionality? I guess you had to be there.
nokia future mobile
nokia future mobile
nokia future mobile
Designer: Provoke Studio [ Via: Yankodesign ]


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