Nikon Media Port UP300x and UP300 HMD - Video Headset With Wi-Fi, 8GB of Storage, and a Browser

The world's first* multimedia playback headset with built-in Wi-Fi capability, support for movie playback, and high-capacity built-in memory The Media Port UP300x and UP300.

Nikon Corporation (Michio Kariya, President) is pleased to announce the successful development of the Media Port UP ("UP" read as individual letters), a multimedia playback headset device that also supports Internet connection. This innovative product, which incorporates display, headphones, mobile A/V player, Wi-Fi capability, high-capacity memory, and power source in a single compact unit is the first of its type. The UP allows users to easily enjoy high-quality images, videos, and music anywhere. Two UP models will be available—the high-performance UP300x and the basic UP300. The Media Port UP will be available only in Japan through the Nikon Imaging Japan Inc. (Takao Nishioka, President) online UP Store (

Major Functions as follows...

  • The single, compact unit allows for simple enjoyment of videos and music anyplace and anytime, while leaving the hands free to do other things.
  • Enjoy image and video viewing with a sensation equivalent to that of viewing of a 50-inch large screen from a distance of three meters.
  • An extremely compact and lightweight display that offers excellent image quality achieved with optics made possible through development and adoption of a new adhesion double-layer diffractive optical element (DOE) lens.
  • The high-performance UP300x is equipped with a built-in motion sensor that allows for hands free operation, including volume adjustment, by moving the head up or down, left or right.
  • The UP300x is equipped with an 8 GB internal memory while the UP300 offers 4 GB of internal memory.
  • Designed with a high eyepoint and diopter adjustment so that even those who wear glasses will find the display easy to view.
  • In addition to Web browsing via Internet connection using the built-in Wi-Fi function, media contents can also be downloaded.
  • A service for UP users that allows for the distribution of video contents will be initiated. Users will be able to easily select desired contents and download media files to their UP for viewing and listening enjoyment.
  • As Windows Media Player (WMP) files are also supported, compatible media files saved to a computer can also be transferred to a UP for viewing and listening enjoyment.


  • borin

    what about the quality of the video? How many pixel by pixel. Is it like ones you find on most camcorder viewfinder?

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