Sony VAIO P Netbook

Sony's new Vaio P netbook made its debut here at CES. It's a diminutive 1.4-pound miniturized laptop with an 8-inch 1600-by-768 resolution screen.

The Vaio P scores points on its insanely small size. It's really tiny. In fact, its depth is only a hair longer than my iPhone 3g (see the comparison in the photo). It may be a little too small for some, but if you're looking for the ultimate in tiny notebooks, the Vaio P is up your alley.

The 8-inch screen packs in an extremely high resolution of 1600-by-768 pixels. Text and interface widgets are remarkably crisp on-screen, but quite small. Also, mousing onscreen with the built-in trackpoint (it has no trackpad) can be a little cumbersome; I find myself having to lean in a little in order to mouse around the the screen

Specs :

Vista Home Premium
Atom Z520 @ 1.33GHz or with a Z530 (1.6GHz) / Z540 (1.86GHz)
2GB of RAM
60GB of HDD or up to 128GB of SSD
8” UWXGA Screen with a stunning 1600x768 resolution
WiFi B/G/N
a 1.3Mpix Camera Module
WAN and GPS (in Option)
for just 639g and 245 x 19.8 x 120 mm


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