Control Your iPhone With Your Brain with XWave Headset

The new XWave headset simply plugs into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and once you have the hang of it, it will enable you to control your device via your mind. Check out the promotional video after the break.

Once the XWave headset is released a developer SDK pack will allow you to create your own applications for the XWave which you will then be able to sell on the iTunes App Store.

ontrol Your iPhone With Your Brain with XWave Headset

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XWave - Mind Interface for iPhone
The XWave allows you to harness the power of your mind in a new and revolutionary way. By safely detecting your brain's rhythm through a small sensor gently placed on the skin of your forehead. XWave gives you a window into your mind. Backed by medical science and patents, the XWave senses your attention and meditation levels. You'll be able to control, and float objects in video games by simply thinking about it, or train your mind to focus and relax on command. Purchase the XWave headset by clicking the Buy Now button and download the XWave free app from the Apple App store and unlock the power of your mind. XWave connects to any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


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