Toshiba Unboxed: 14" USB LCD Mobile Monitor

The Toshiba 14" USB-powered Mobile LCD Monitor is ideal for adding an additional screen to any Windows-based laptop at work, school, home or anywhere one uses a laptop. Featuring a 14-inch diagonal widescreen display with up to 1366x768 HD resolution, the Toshiba Mobile Monitor is equipped with the same LCD panel as a laptop to provide clear and crisp images. Weighing around 2.8lbs and less than one inch thick, this ultra-portable monitor is designed to fit in most laptop bags. The monitor's power and video are both powered via USB, eliminating the need to carry an AC adapter or video cable. The Mobile Monitor allows traveling businesspeople and students to conduct on-the-spot presentations and share content without the need for a bulky projector or having to crowd around a laptop screen. It can also be used as an additional screen in extended mode for serious home and on-the-go multitasking. The Mobile Monitor includes a protective black vinyl carrying case, which quickly folds into an adjustable stand that can be set to various viewing levels and also deftly houses the monitor's included USB Y cable.


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