Perfect Spiral Trainer for Android


This is a demonstration of my Replay Football system. It employs a Nerf football with a 9-axis inertial sensing motion processing module with integrated Bluetooth and a visualization / throw analysis application on an Android platform. The football transmits the real-time motion data via Bluetooth. A Motorola Droid 2 was used for the Android platform.

See Video

Once a throw/catch pair have been detected, the football graphic turns red and the program enters replay mode. To replay the throw, the user performs a tap motion on the screen to start playback. The throw release speed, time in flight, RPM of spiral and spiral wobble (precession) are all displayed during playback. The 3 graphs ( from top to bottom) display the raw data from the Accelerometer, Gyro, and Magnetometer respectively. A long-press on the screen resets the state back to 'green' to accept a new throw for analysis.


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