LG Preps Superslim DivX DVD Player

It’s not like DVDs are suffering a sudden death now that Blu-rays are finally being embraced. I mean look at CDs, they’re still around, even though most of us don’t need them anymore; music CDs still represent the standard and so do movie DVDs. Nowadays, one could recode HD content and make it fit only a single DVD. LG seems to be pretty interested in such techniques and has just announced the First DivX Certified DVD Player Capable of Playing HD Video.

The sleek player comes in a slim format and can be mounted on a wall. It is known as the DVS450H, and supports the latest DivX codec that allows users to recode HD content so as to fit DVDs instead of Blu-rays, with minimal quality loss. LG’s new player uses a special technology.

"The demand for products that play DivX video has continually driven us to produce solutions that maximize this high-quality experience across a range of product categories," said Dan D.H. Koh, Head of Marketing Strategy Team in LG Electronics' Digital Media Company. "Incorporating support for high-definition DivX video on this DVD player illustrates this in a significant way. We are committed to bringing our customers the very best entertainment solutions and are pleased that working with DivX fulfills this vision."

The player integrates a special “floating” technology that enables DVD playback in both horizontal and vertical positions. That’s why LG recommends the wall mounting option. DVS450H will be available starting October for around $240.



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