HP Touchsmart IQ800 series

HP certainly isn’t resting on its all–in–one touchscreen PC laurels. No sooner had we packaged up our IQ 500 and handed it over to the men in suits, than HP was dishing the dirt on their next Touchsmart, the IQ 800 series.
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Coming in two flavours, the IQ804 and IQ216, the new series pack a massive 25in screen, with 1900x1200 resolution, Bluetooth, HP Pocket Media and Intel Core Duo to boot. The 804 is being billed as the specced up machine, with a slightly tweaked processor.

Don’t let that put you off the 816 though. That bad boy comes with a Blu–Ray drive, so you can work your way through some full HD action without having to fire up your telly. Via

HP Touchsmart IQ800 video


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