Bookeen Cybook Gen3


Cybook GEN3 is the most improved version of this portable eBook reader model, featuring the E Ink-based display offering high viewability in any light conditions, from any angle, without showing flicker effects. As it looks like a normal paper, you can’t use it in dark environments, but it has a resolution of 166 dpi, 600 x 800 pixel, black and white display, 6 inches in diagonal, 4 grey levels, portrait or landscape modes, and the Vizplex technology, the fastest and brightest electronic paper display from the E Ink Corporation, providing 80% improved refresh rate and 25% more brightness.

As it was designed with a 1-mm thick screen and integrating a very small Lithium Polymer battery, the new Cybook portable eBook reader measures just 188 x 118 x 8.5 mm at a weight of 174 grams. The E Ink technology doesn’t require power to maintain an image so while you read a page it doesn’t consume power, this leading to an increased battery life for up to 8,000 screen refreshes.


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