Tokyoflash Tibida another Japanese puzzle Watch

The name Tibida indicates the three modes the watch can be put in; time, binary and date.

• The hour-centric mode displays the hour in digits on the lower display and minutes on the upper, with each "minute LED" representing five-minute increments.

• The minute-centric mode displays the exact minutes as digits on the lower display, hours are shown along the top in a 12-hour format.

• The binary mode utilizes only the top display, with the first lit LED representing the number 1. This is then doubled periodically, up to 32. Arrangements of the indicated numbers can then be read to give the time.

• The top LEDs show the hour and the bottom set shows the minutes in Arabic numerals. There is also a date display and a set of tiny LEDs that tell you what mode you’re in. Effective and sexy, clearly.

It’s about $120 and comes in multiple colors.


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