Pro DJ device - Pioneer MEP-7000


Pioneer MEP-7000 and SEP-C1 Software Is Digital DJ Dream

Pioneer has released its MEP-7000 device that targets the modern DJ who loathes to carry around a large stack of vinyls and regular CDs to a set. It comes with dual DVD drives, enabling the DJ to make full use of traditional audio CDs in addition to AAC and MP3 tracks. The inclusion of USB ports also enable flash drives, external hard drives and other removable storage to be used whenever one wants to play and mix music. Should you hook up the MEP-7000 to a Windows-based PC, you get direct control over Pioneer's very own DJ software.

The MEP-7000 can also be used independently, whereby its 4.3" LCD display functions as a command center whilst the two OLED screens offer pitch and miscellanous track information for both sources in a mix. The Pioneer MEP-700 will ship this June for $2,299.



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