Computer desks V1 - modern, comfortable, expensive

If you spend a lot of time with your computer, your job should be as comfortable and ergonomically designed, suitable both for work and for play. Computer desks V1 developed several years now, as the producer, V1 is the most convenient, high-quality and relevant decision time for work or play. Outwardly these tables is not so very different from conventional computer tables, but the system includes a table with a lot of additional surfaces, automotive seat of Porsche (which is not only convenient and of itself, but also make different car simulators more realistic), a monitor (or multiple), the height of which can be controlled and managed in the same manner column. Tables V1 offered in different configurations, different color of the shell and is geared to different purses . The price starts from USD1700 (for standard), but all kinds of upgrades can increase it even for a couple of thousand.

The V1's design and features are decades ahead of its time. The V1 offers ergonomic comfort, artful design and many outstanding features. When compared to the conventional computer desk, the V1 stands elite. The V1 is handmade in the USA and is built to last. The V1 is an investment in quality and comfort. We custom make your V1 to fit your body and your specific system requirements. In a word, the V1 is truly "revolutionary".



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