CulArt Retro Styled Cell Phone With Wood Panelling


CulArt Retro Styled Cell Phone

Looking for a cell phone that compliments a retro inspired look – this CulArt Cell Phone designed by Seungchan Lee, in coming complete with wood panelling, would no doubt fit the bill rather nicely, though at the time of writing its presently only a concept.

Boasting a decidedly 80’s feel, the CulArt may look like a gadget from yesteryear but, under that retro exterior the CulArt is positively (almost) brimming with technology, with known features consisting of a touchscreen, an integral camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

The equivalent of putting the engine of a souped up Renault Clio in the body of a Morris Minor, its not known whether Seungchan Lee’s CulArt cell phone comes with digital media capabilities or whether it’ll ever make it into production but, as far as retro themed cell phones go, it’s a beauty.



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