Eten glofiish x650

An ultra-small phone with VGA display and GPS has been brought alive by E-TEN once again. The VGA display is probably something that makes E-TEN stands out and apart from HTC.

The Glofiish X650 is the company's latest PocketPC phone that offers all-in-one connectivity, VGA display and an ultra-compact form factor. E-TEN first added VGA display to their units back in 2007 and had been adding more units to this line with different models that hopefully will satisfy their customer needs. The latest Glofiish X650 seems to fit the category of full-featured device that is very affordable.

The VGA display offers up to 4 times larger and more details than a regular QVGA screen. You can look at larger proportion of a document, calendar, map or even web pages. That better be increasing your productivity also. The VGA screen's resolution is 640x480, but the screen size will remain in the same ballpark of QVGA, which makes the density of the pixels much denser and comes to make the text much sharper.

The Glofiish X650 will pack with worldwide GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. The device will come with exclusive softwares, such as Mobile Shell, Namecard Manager.

- Samsung SC3 processor at 500 MHz
- 256MB of ROM and 64MB of RAM
- 2MP auto-focus camera
- FM Tuner and FM Transmitter (depends on region)
- Dimension: 107 x 58 x 14.7mm and weight 136g
- microSD slot
- 1530 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
- 2.8" VGA display
- 2.5G (sad) and doesn't seem to have QWERTY (sad)

It'll come in either black or purple. You can find out more information about this phone at Glofiish. You will need a flash player though.

[via MSMobiles]


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