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KungFu Go! 1.0.0 - waving a stick in the style of kung fu

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Thor The Hedgehog 1.0.1 - An exciting interactive physical game

Addictive fun for all ages with Thor The Hedgehog.

"Definitely, don't miss it! Really original, game fans will be delighted, simple but beautiful design, high playability, excellent new addition"
- AndroidZoom review, March 2012,

Hunt treasure, pop balloons, shoot spikes, ward off baddies and zoom madly around. Addictive fun for all ages with Thor The Hedgehog.

  • Exciting, interactive physics game
  • 108 levels
  • Challenging and rewarding

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Ultimate Call Screen HD 1.0.0 - Program to display the caller's picture on the screen

Ultimate Call Screen HD: Fullscreen Caller ID. Call Blocker and Sensor actions!

Ultimate Call Screen HD Free combines a Fullscreen Caller ID replacement, contact picture manager, call blocker, and, on top of that, sensor-base actions such as rejecting calls by turning the phone screen-down. All this on the same package, working from Android V2.1 to ICS, on any resolution on any phone.

Although there are some limitations on this free version, there is no limit whatsoever on the number of contacts you can personalize or block. There are no adds and no timeouts. I believe on added functionality for value, not crippling the app to force buys. You can buy the license an unlock the extra features on this app from a link to Google Play on UCS Settings.

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7Zipper 1.3 - Application to work with zip and 7zip archives

7Zipper help you to browse SDCard,copy,move,delete,rename,zip,unzip,7zip, check usage,backup and launch app

  • Multi-select
  • copy,move,paste (file, folder)
  • open,rename,delete (file, folder)
  • 7zip, zip,unzip,send as
  • sdcard usage
  • backup app
  • zip(unzip, alz, egg, tar, rar, jar, 7zip, lzh support)
  • image viewer (support animated gif)
  • text viewer
  • swf (flash) viewer
  • system information (cpu, memory, battery, network etc..)
  • task killer
  • ftp client
  • ftp server (you can manage files of your phone by wifi)
  • http server (you can manage files of your phone by wifi)

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Customize Vibrancy 1.1 - Program Management vibrating alert

This application allows you to customize your phone vibrate. You can create your own vibration and put it on a call or SMS. You can also use default vibrations.

In addition, you can setup vibration alert in the following cases:
  1. when the connection established;
  2. when a call ended;
  3. each minute after specified interval expiration.

Main features are:
  1. user-friendly interface in Android 4 style;
  2. you can create your own vibrations in few touch;
  3. plain and simple preferences;
  4. great default vibrations.

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