Promo video filmed on the Nokia 808 PureView

Like most of the commercials, this masterpiece is just as bright and colorful, is not only lists but also clearly demonstrates the true capabilities of the phone. That is why it was decided to make a video on the Nokia 808 itself PureView. The ad lists features such as high-quality photography, video, high resolution, simplified placement of footage on the pages of social networking and microblogging, particularly Twitter. As we know, this is the first phone that allows you to shoot video in the resolution of Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) at 30 frames per second, thus supporting the digital zoom, which allows to enlarge the image up to four times without sacrificing detail. This was made possible thanks to all the same 41-megapixel sensor 808 Nokia PureView. The only drawback of the device experts believe there used mobile OS Symbian Belle, but the Finnish manufacturer has already announced that in the future will come and version running Windows Phone 8 Apollo.
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