Fully electronic DeLorean was estimated at $ 95,000

To the delight of all fans of the legendary film Back to the Future, at the ongoing exhibition in New York were represented by a fully electric car DeLorean DMC-12, as well as the announced specifications and prices. The truth value of the car to the category - "Joy" is very difficult to carry, as the price tag of $ 95,000 - that's too much. The car will be powered by an electric motor at 200 l / s, powered by direct-flow condenser lithium-phosphate batteries for 32 kW, lovingly nicknamed "Flux Power", a word which is only enough for 160 kilometers. The maximum speed reaches 200 km / h, and to disperse hundreds took almost 5 seconds. Inside, the car will be all sorts of advanced technical features: system management charge from a smartphone, a docking station built into the central panel, etc. Fully stock car should appear in 2013

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