The game of Pong with two electric cars Smart Fortwo

German advertising agency, BBDO was assigned to organize a custom advertising campaign compact urban electric Smart Fortwo. Creators of a little thought and decided to do with these video game machines, using electric cars as a controller. And once again to keep things simple, they were founded upon the classic game of Pong. Machines placed at the site, where they hooked up a universal system that turns Smart Fortwo in the game controllers. Since the "racket" on the screen moves only up and down, and the electric nothing more was required than to go back and forth. In this game of Pong to all comers, all in the same attraction in Frankfurt came to admire the 520 thousand people, according to a BBDO. This action was not only entertaining, the use of electric vehicles as a game controller, and was of a very definite meaning. Possibility to control the game shows decent technical specifications Smart Fortwo, the machine is easy to accelerate and change direction quickly.

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