The girl robot gave a first recital

In Hong Kong, a robot girl named Geminoid F gave her first real concert. The robot was developed at the University of Osaka (Japan) led by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro. Formerly a professor of androids created, which cost $ 1.2 million. Geminoid F is cheaper - it cost only $ 110,000. The girl-robot can smile, wrinkle his brows and lips moving, but more often it looks too thoughtful and confused. It can also talk and sing - to play or copy the record people's voices. Geminoid F is equipped with 12 automatic actuators that operate under air pressure, which allows it to mimic human facial expressions from 65 facial expressions. We also note that Professor Ishiguro developed several humanoid robots, including its own "double". Scientists believe that one day will come a day when people can not immediately distinguish a robot from a real person ..

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Female Android Geminoid F first singing performance in HK
Geminoid F's singing debut at Cityplaza, HK from 29 Mar - 15 Apr 2012.


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