Apple's New iPad HD


New iPad HD 4G LTE

The iPad HD. The display will be a whopping the 2048×1536 - which means it's almost as insanely sharp as a 27-inch iMac.
Apple's New iPad HD - ipad Hero
The processor that will be in it will be the A5X processor, Apple simply couldn't get the A6 ready in time, which is okay considering the A5X is an enhanced version of the dual-core A5 chip.

iOS 5.1 will be the operating system of the iPad HD and will have Siri built in, as well as a possible Facebook integration (still a speculation). All of this will be talked about in San Francisco around 1pm Eastern time at a technology conference.

One of the things that's floating around cyberspace is the rumor that the iPad HD may incorporate a newer, more advanced touch screen that would make it more of a "feel screen". Again this is just a rumor, but hopefully will be confirmed at today's conference.


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