Liquid Cooling an Overclocked Alienware Laptop

The company Asetek introduced gaming laptop Alienware M18x, which was the feature of an effective liquid cooling system, which has resulted in a significant acceleration of the processor. Intel Core i7-2920XM with clock frequency of 2.5 / 3.5 GHz, running at 4.4 GHz. Two video cards overclocked from 680 to 800 MHz. . Comparative analysis showed performance gains of 18% to 23% in all directions. Price new is $ 3300.

Alienware gaming laptop that demonstrates the advantages of liquid cooling in an overclocked notebook.

The thermal benefits that enable overclocking in the "slim form factor" of our laptop also enable the increased performance and cost savings of using desktop processors in All-In-Ones as well as quiet operation from maximum performance parts in mobile workstations.

Now That's Thermal Management Done Right!


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