Introducing Google Play

Your favorite entertainment is now all in one place, always accessible on the web and across your Android devices.
Online store Android Market, originally intended for the application under the appropriate software platform that significantly altered since its launch and now makes it possible to obtain virtually the same point in the book, music and rent movies. Now Google has taken another logical step in this area by announcing the launch of a new "cloud" platform called Google Play, which will replace the separate services such as Google Music, Google eBookstore and the same Android Market, combining their functionality. Based on the information is liable to the corporate blog internet giant, Google Play a new platform focused on the acquisition and possession of the "cloud" servers of all kinds of digital content in the form of music, books, applications, etc. And, as is the case with Android Market, access to this content can be obtained as with a PC through a browser, and via smartphones and tablets based on Android, regardless of their place of residence at the time.

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Members Android 2.2 or newer operating system, should see the appropriate software update in the coming days, and all new service allows you to store up to 20,000 free songs and download more than 450,000 applications and games. At the same time to celebrate the launch of the new service Google started a promotional campaign "7 Days to Play", offering content at a discount during the week. In other matters, as stated in the official note, the greatest functionality is that users receive from the United States and residents of Canada, Britain, Australia and Japan have to live with the lack of some options, at least for today. Thus, if your region does not work Google Music or rental of films, the Google Play, they also will not be available before the official launch of the service in the region.


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