The Phantom v1610 camera shoots videos at 1000000 fps

The Phantom v1610 Camera ($100,000) can only reach that insane number by cranking the resolution down to an animated GIF-esque 128x16, but it can still take 720 HD video at a staggering 18,100 fps, or way faster than you'll need to properly capture your next Diet Coke and Mentos misadventure.

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The Phantom® v1610 provides a widescreen CMOS sensor and delivers an impressive speed of 16,000 frames-per-second at full resolution.

  • 1280 x 800 resolution
  • 28 micron pixel size, 12-bit depth
  • Monochrome ISO 38,000 T (ISO 12232 SAT method)
  • 500ns minimum exposure with the FAST option
  • 1 μs minimum exposure standard
  • Up to 647,000 fps standard or 1,000,000 fps with the FAST option at reduced resolutions
  • Records direct to CineMag
  • Standard on-camera-controls
  • 10Gb Ethernet


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