Motorized Facebook Thumb


The Motorized Facebook Thumb:

The Motorized Facebook Thumb (MFT) is connected to the Internet and listens for "Facebook like" events for a specific person / page.

When a person, somewhere in the world, likes the Carnegie Mellon University's facebook page, the MFT lights up and the thump goes up.

The MSF is modeled in Rhino and the parts is cut in acrylic with a laser cutter and the stand is modeled in Rhino and is milled in plywood.

The electronics consist of a small stepper-motor, a few home mode blue LED's, an Arduino Uno, and an Arduino Ethernet Shield.
NB: This video shows the MTF without the Arduino Ethernet Shield, here the Arduino Uno is connected directly to the Computer.

A huge thanks to Zack Jacobson-Weaver ( for his help with this project.

Developed by: Tobias Sonne


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