Audi Visions - a car with OLED-body

Audi has introduced a concept car is fantastic looking, with a body fitted with LED panels instead of the tail lights and stop signals. Such transport, in the style of Tron, may appear on the streets is not soon, but the use of OLED-elements instead of incandescent bulbs, according to the head of the Lighting Electronics, Stephan Berlitz, will become a common practice in the production models in the near future

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Audi visions OLED Technology

Berlitz is one of the development engineers who have helped put Audi in the lead in modern automobile lighting technology. LED daytime running lights and headlights are development milestones; the next step forward will be OLED. Displays using this technique have already reached series production maturity in the electronic industry. Berlitz and his team cooperate closely with Audi Design on utilizing OLEDs as exterior lighting for the automobile


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