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Farm Invasion USA 1.0.0 - Saving corn from aliens

Go on a wild hunt for alien thieves popcorn! Rustic fun of the third degree! Aliens have arrived and everything they need - it's your Corn! Protect your field with the old processor and self-made arsenal to strip blue men craving for popcorn! Let Dad proud of you and welcome their new friends from outer space ... like they do in Texas

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Dinosaur Assassin 1.0 - Hunt or become a victim!

The ancient assassin hired to explore a vast mysterious island of dinosaurs ice age. You - a killer who has a gun and a motorcycle, you will find an exciting chase, can you imagine anything more exciting!

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Exchange Rate Widget 1.1 - shows the exchange rate for the chosen currency pair

The widget shows the exchange rate for the chosen currency pair. The base currency and the quote currency selected by the user from the list when you install the widget. Choose from more than 140 world currencies and four precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium). Rates are updated every half hour.

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Call records 1.0 - This application allows you to record telephone conversations

Application that allows you to record telephone conversations.

Simple Call Recorder application that has an ability to:
- Enable/Disable call recording
- Records all your phone calls
- Play/Stop recorded audio by touch on the item
- Delete recorded items
- Lock recorded items to prevent from auto-cleaning
- Send recorded items to email (only in Pro version)

- Enable/Disable notifications
- Configure automatic cleaning
- Recording source. For some phones where Line recording does not work - better use Microphone.
- Recording quality. It depends on the phone, so please try different
- File format
- Recording channel. Some phones don't support stereo recording so please, try Mono and it might help in recording.

Records are available in the CallRecorder folder in the SD card of your phone.

1.Try to mix different recording settings. It might help for some phones to improve the quality or at least record the calls.
2. Does not record through the handsfree, bluetooth.
3.There is a limitation for some phones that don't support recording from phone line. It is hardware drivers limits. Please, mail me about that, so it will be added to the list of non supported devices.

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Memiary 1.5 - an online personal diary

Service Memiary - it is a personal online diary that allows you to save a record of the most significant events of each day of your life. You simply go to the site every day (or clients using the service for Android and iPhone) and record interesting events \ thoughts \ actions \ impressions of the day. Only five lines and nothing more.

Limit of five entries for each day is clearly not done for fun and allows you to highlight the really important event, to sit down and think about what is important to do today than it memorable day of your life. It's a bit reminiscent of the approach to the management of the diary, which professes Armen Petrosyan, in his "four pictures of a typical day," only in text form, and for the lazy.

When adding an entry, you can specify one or more tags, distinguishing between events on the areas or interests. In the future, you can view records related to a specific tag or return on the time scale to any date for your diary. There is also a display mode records in the past week, month or year.

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