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HandNotes v2.3 - Notes from the hand

If you want to write something quickly, but the leaf is not at hand and the handle, then the application will be most welcome. Requires only a smartphone operating system of Windows Phone 7. You can select a different thickness of a pencil eraser. The rich colors to choose from. If there is no need for the program, it is possible to give an application to borrow your child - let them draw!

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Mocha RD v1.2 - Remote Control PC with Windows

Thanks to Mocha RD no longer worry if the file you want left on your desktop computer, and you yourself are out of the house. Mocha RD - easiest and most reliable way to control your desktop computer through a network connection, or through connection to the Internet. Through this program, using your mobile device, you can always connect to your home-based computer and see and work with programs and other content to your desktop. Supports operating systems Windows XP and Windows 7 Workstation. The program works with the protocol RDP (protocol access to remote desktop), provides the most secure access to your RDC and, therefore, to all the services Windows desktop.

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Scan To PDF v1.4 - Scan documents to PDF

Use this application to easily scan documents and create PDF files and load the files into the cloud SkyDrive.

How to use:
Click on the "+" to select the image
To remove or edit the file from the project, click and hold on the image
Click "New" to create a new project
Click "Save" to save the generated PDF document
Click on "Files" to see a list of already created documents or to recover a document in SkyDrive

In the file:
To download the selected document to SkyDrive, click and hold your finger on the name of the file. Then select from the menu "upload SkyDrive" or "delete" if you want to delete the file.

Supports images from the library and the camera
Supports cropping images
Unlimited number of pages (limited only by free memory on your phone)
Download documents to SkyDrive
cropping images
Automatic detection of portrait images

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Volleyball - Sports Game

The game is built on great gameplay, and an updated physics that make the game more rich in color and superb animation. Easy installation and simple operation make the game accessible to any group of individuals, from beginners to pros. Fifteen levels of difficulty will increase the power of rival teams.

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BasketBall Game - throw the ball in the basket

Play basketball, scoring victory after victory and become the champions of their conference. After which you will receive a proposal to speak at city competitions, where the collection of the best basketball players. You will not be easy, but displaying all the skills to throw the ball in the basket - just you will be able to win and become champion of the city, and then the republic.

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